The Domino Effect – How Sequential DOOH Ads can Deliver Impact for Brands

Sequential advertising

The outdoor advertising landscape is undergoing a transformative journey, and at the heart of this evolution is the strategic fusion of sequential ads with consecutive screens in Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising. In this blog, we delve into the synergy between sequential ads and the use of consecutive screens, exploring why brands are embracing this dynamic combination to deliver powerful and memorable messages in the great outdoors.

Sequential Advertising refer to a series of strategically placed and timed ADs designed to convey a cohesive narrative or communicate information progressively. These ADs are strategically positioned along a designated route or within a specific location to capture the audience’s attention.

How Consecutive Screens in Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Embody the Essence of Sequential Ads in the Physical World


Just like sequential ads online, consecutive screens in DOOH allow advertisers to tell a story. By strategically placing multiple screens in sequence, brands can unfold their narrative step by step. Whether it’s showcasing a product’s features or recounting a brand’s journey, DOOH offers a dynamic canvas for storytelling.

Contextual Relevance:

DOOH screens can adapt to their surroundings, providing contextual relevance for sequential ads. Advertisers can tailor their messages to fit the location and time of day, creating a more personalized and engaging experience for viewers. Flipkart leveraged this concept by taking over consecutive DOOH Screens in Mumbai during Republic Day to create a parade of deals, embracing the yearly tradition.

Improved Message Comprehension:

Sequential DOOH ads enable advertisers to break down complex messages or product features into digestible parts. Viewers can absorb information gradually, leading to better comprehension and retention of key details, enhancing overall campaign effectiveness.

Increases Brand Recall without being intrusive:

In the evolving digital landscape, users often exhibit banner blindness when exposed to consecutive online ads.  However, viewing Sequential DOOH ADs while commuting on roads or strolling through airports can be a non-intrusive way to subconsciously enhance brand recall in the minds of your consumers.

Priming Audiences:

Sequential DOOH ads act as a powerful priming tool. The initial ads in the sequence prepare viewers’ minds by introducing key concepts or brand elements. These primed audiences are more receptive to subsequent ads, increasing the likelihood of message resonance and engagement. Priming, along with Omnichannel Advertising influences audiences by shaping their perceptions and attitudes, ultimately driving desired actions such as purchasing a product or embracing a brand’s values. Jack Ryan used priming to their advantage by road blocking busy roads in Indonesia to ensure maximum visibility and reach.

Scope for innovation:

Leveraging screen order creatively guarantees attention and engagement, which is a surefire way to captivate viewers. Pringles innovatively utilized DOOH Screens to bring their Chips to life along with their new tagline maximizing visibility and recall. 

The combination of sequential ads and cascading screens transforms outdoor spaces into immersive brand experiences. This can be effortlessly achieved with Lemma’s programmatic advertising platform, which has an inventory of sequential DOOH screens across various countries around the world like India, Singapore, Malaysia, etc, and ensures a diverse range of clusters and audiences. Brands can tap into the potential of sequential screens along with our unique programmatic capabilities to make sure the brand gets the most out of their AD Campaigns.